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Co-Reg Cashflow Clinic – Video Tutorial


Co-reg marketing is one of the easiest ways for small home based business to attract new customers without having to be a slave to the search engines, latest social media trends and ‘guru’ product launches.

The reason why many online marketers are turning away from traditional online marketing channels is the ever-increasing costs associated with social media advertising and the hassle associated with keeping up with the search engines.


As you watch this video….

You Are About To Discover:

  • a unique way to get access to other business’s customers to build your own list of prospects who are predisposed to buying your products
  • the three motivational principles you need to know before trying to sell any product service or opportunity to your marketplace
  • how to slash the costs of nearly every form of paid advertising by 20%
  • the fastest way to get your prospects to digest and implement the information that you give them
  • how to gather critical market research data when following your sales funnel
  • …and a whole lot more

OK, so let’s get started.

Watch the video below for a full explanation of how to apply this strategy to your business.



If you get some value from this training and would like to learn more of these strategies to generate more leads, acquire more customers and bank more profits – subscribe to my newsletter at the top of this page.

Till next time,


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Influencing Techniques – Turning Prospects Into Loyal Customers

influencing techniquesInfluencing techniques that can stimulate buyer behaviour seem to be the golden fleece that marketers are forever trying to get their hands on.

One of the first keys to having more influence with anyone you come into contact with is an understanding of the way that the human mind processes emotional needs.

This blog post will cover the essential foundational principles about customer buying decisions that you need to know before you start applying a number of influencing techniques that we are going to cover.

These principles can also be applied to your personal/work relationships.

As you read this post….

Here’s What You Are About To Discover:

  • How to frame all of your marketing message to create a desire in the hearts of your prospects/customers
  • How to apply the ‘challenge’ principle to open closed minds and stimulate buying behaviour
  • Why boosting your prospect’s self-esteem should be your key objective in any marketing communication
  • 10 emotional human needs you must speak to when converting prospects to customers

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Wealthy Affiliate Review: Worth The Hype? You Decide

wealthy affiliate reviewSo your online, you’ve come to this wealthy affiliate review post and you are aware that Internet marketing is one of the easiest ways for your average person to increase their monthly income around their current work and family commitments.

But here’s the problem…

If you’re anything like me you have probably come across thousands of training courses, marketing communities and products flooding the marketplace on a daily basis.

All of these opportunities claim to teach people how to start an online business and most newbies struggle to know which opportunity is right for them.


After having looked at many different opportunities, I have decided to write this review because this opportunity has now become one of the fastest-growing and popular internet marketing training communities online today and it needs to be reviewed.

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How To Build A Fanbase And A Tribe Of Repeat Customers

If you can build your tribe of repeat customers, your competition won’t stand a chance.

build your tribeEveryday my inbox is flooded with emails from marketing ‘gurus’ offering to teach me how to get more leads.

Leads, leads, leads!

Yes, building a list of potential customers is an important activity for any business. However,  increasing sales by acquiring new customers is more expensive than encouraging your existing customer base to buy from you more frequently.

This is why I believe an important goal for your business should be to…

Build a loyal tribe of customers, who come back over-and-over again!

This is the key to developing a long-term and sustainable income.

So, as you read this post…

Here’s What You’re About To Discover:

  • What you need to know about organised religion to keep your customers around for years
  • Why the word NEW can mean the difference between a one-off sale and a life-time foaming-at-the-mouth evangelist
  • Why offending people could be the fastest way to build a loyal tribe
  • The 3 main mistakes that most home-businesses make when focusing on single products to sell
  • …and many other tips to create a culture of customer loyalty

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Overcoming Objections – The Easy Way

overcoming objections Overcoming objections such as:

“I can’t afford it!”

..could be critical to the long-term success of your business.

This is an objection heard by nearly everyone who has tried to every tried to sell a product or service, on or off-line.

The key to our success as a home business person is going to be based on your ability to convert “I can’t afford it to “How soon can I get my hands on it.”

So, as you read this post…

Here’s What You Are About To Discover:

  • The fastest way to overcome sale objections
  • What you need to know about ‘social proof’ to inspire confidence in your products
  • How to use anchoring to access emotional states that can be triggered to generate sales
  • The best ways to use storytelling as a method of sub-consciously influencing your prospect’s to accept your information

Ok, so let’s get started.

Here’s the problem…

Traditional sales trainings nearly always have a segment dedicated to overcoming sales objections such as:

  • I don’t have enough time to use the product
  • I dont have the budget for this at the moment


But, here’s the problem…

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How To Write Income Producing Marketing Copy

how to write marketing copyKnowing how to write marketing copy is one of the most important skills that home business owner should aim to master.

Developing this skill often results in your customers to take action faster and buy your products instead of procrastinating and thinking of more and more sales objections.

Would you like to learn how to become more influential with your sales communications and increase the ROI on your campaigns?

If your answer is YES, you should get some significant value from reading this post.

It’s not the prettiest post ever and there might even be a few spelling mistakes but I challenge you to read it from start to finish because I’m quite confident that you will get some value from the tips I have laid out herein.

As you read this post…

You Are About To Discover:

  • The mindset principles needed to write effective copy
  • How to increase your emotional intelligence to connect with your customers faster
  • How to grab your customers attention
  • Ho to create desire in the minds of your prospects
  • How to eliminate risk in the minds of your products to sell more

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How to Identify Opportunities & Trends


Opportunity Just Ahead sign on desert roadIdentifying opportunities is a skill that any home business owner needs to dedicate some time to acquiring.

Running a home business isn’t simply about creating a product or a service that you have a passion about and trying to take it to the marketplace to get more customers to make some money.

You can have all of the passion in the world but if there isn’t a business related opportunity in your marketplace, you could easily end up as another statistic as a business who has to close its doors within 5 years of launching.

As you read this post….

You Are About To Discover:

  • 10 industries which have sustained growth that you can plug into and take advantage of
  • what you need to know about change to achieve your income goals for your business
  • what you can learn from a movie producer to build your business without having to do all of the hard work yourself
  • why traditional education has failed and how you can take control of your financial future by leveraging this failure

OK, so let’s get started.

In this post, what we are going to start looking at the best opportunities and trends that you can take advantage of to grow a small business from the comfort of your own home.

This is all about going with the current flow or where the flow is likely to end up.

Here’s the reality when it comes to growing a business…

Everything changes!

When we look at many different marketplaces during current times, the rate of changes seems to be dramatically increasing as every year goes by.


Because of continuing changes in consumer attitudes and new innovations in technology etc.

So, your goal as an entrepreneur needs to be to look at where the trends are now and anticipate where they are going.

Sounds more complicated that it is, trust me.

To help you along on your journey, I would like to share with you 10 of the most-likely high-growth areas that you should start thinking about taking advantage of.

Opportunity 1

Laptop Screen with Online Business Concept.









Online Business:

This basically involves creating a business where the product and or service is one that can be delivered online. This type of business has no tangible, physical products. All products in this domain are digital.

Examples of digital products might include:

  • Ebooks
  • Video courses
  • Paid webinars

A benefits associated with the creation of online products or services are to do with cost and delivery.

This type of business model is ideal with anyone who is working on a limited budget who has knowledge, interests and skills that could bring value to consumers.

Opportunity 2

Coaching for young women









Coaching and Consulting:

What I’m referring to here applies to both personal and business domains.

Consumers might need help with things like losing weight, cooking, making clothes at home, gaining muscle mass etc.

Businesses often need help to find and keep new customers, grow their brands and improve their processes etc.

There are huge opportunities for people like you to take your experience,skills talents and ideas and make  a significant income by helping others to achieve their goals.

If can help an individual or organisation to do what they want/need to achieve more efficiently and more successfully, you can create an income stream that can help you to achieve your own personal goals.

This is currently one of the fastest and highest growth industries and if you can combine the delivery of coaching/consulting with the digital domain, as discussed in the section above, your opportunities are endless.

Opportunity 3

Programming code script abstract screen of software developer.









Software Engineering:

Software is rapidly becoming a commodity which is making people skilled in the science of software engineering, a lot of money.

This opportunity is limited to people who have a skill-set in programming using languages such as Java, C++, C# etc but if you have an aptitude for mathematics, algorithms etc then you are well positioned to make a small fortune if you can dedicate the time to creating products that can solve business issues.

There has never been a better time to build and create software.

Opportunity 4










Computer Hardware:

Because we are moving from a knowledge into a technology age, the ability to build, maintain and setup computer systems means that the opportunities here are endless.

Here’s an interesting statistic…

Between 3 and 9% of all the energy used on our planet is being generated by computer data centres.

This has something to do with the exponentially growing number of people who are spending time at home and in business using computers. As this usage grows, more servers are needed to manipulate data and packets of information and if you have any knowledge in this area – the potential for growth is huge.


Opportunity 5

Businessman drawing Online Education concept









Online Education:

This is my favourite opportunity and one that I encourage you to think carefully about.

The legendary author and management guru,  Peter Drucker, believes that conventional education has been failing people for decades and is doomed to fail humanity in the long-term.

So, the alternative education that I’m referring to here is about being able to help people to learn ‘how to..’.

You can use sites like Udemy to deliver classes to students that educate them on a particular topic.

This online education industry is a 400 million/year opportunity and growing fast.

Opportunity 6

Vector background with perfumes drawn in watercolor style select









Product Design:

Here’s what I mean by design…

When you buy an product or appliance, an example could be an iPhone, and you look at the way that it is structured and think to yourself, this company gets it.This is easy to use and it’s intuitive.

You’ve experienced great product design.

There is a small fortune to be acquired if you can help businesses design their products and services to be more appealing to the market place.

This type of opportunity normally suits arty types but product design is not just about being an excellent illustrator.

Great designers are also focused on taking the time to know what people want and they are prepared to dedicate concentrated bursts of time to creating that experience for them.

It’s all about becoming a master of user experience.

Think – music/film producer.

The executive producer of a film , doesn’t necessarily know how to use a camera, write a script, deliver lines, or create costumes but they becoming masters of knowing what is required to bring the movie to life and bringing in the right people to translate their vision to the masses.

If you can becoming a master of understanding consumers wants and desires, you can easily find artists who can bring your vision into reality.

Product design via delegation.


Opportunity 7

Man travelling the world









Travel and Transportation:

The world is getting smaller, and we are all travelling more.

The increased stresses of daily life mean that people are always looking for affordable ways to escape their realities and expand their horizons by visiting different parts of the world.

If you have any knowledge about travelling that could help other people like you in your marketplace, this could be a great business opportunity to pursue because the amount of income per capita that is dedicated to travelling domestically and internationally has been on the increase steadily over the last 5 years.


Opportunity 8

nurse or helper in residential home giving food to senior man









Elderly Care:

We are all living longer.

Ultimately this means that there is going to be a larger percentage of the population who are going to need care.

If you can create products or service that involve taking care of elderly people, putting together services for elderly people that help them to stay independent for longer you will be tapping in to an industry that is currently experiencing double-digit growth on a yearly basis.


Opportunity 9

Healthy life









Wellness and Medical Services:

An economist called Paul Pilzner has predicted that the wellness industry is going to grow to a trillion dollar industry.

This is all about helping people to achieve optimal health, so if thats something that you feel that you have a connection with there is a big opportunity here.

Examples of opportunities include:

  • Weight loss
  • Natural Healing
  • Skincare
  • Diabetic healthcare
  • Anti ageing
  • ..and many more


Opportunity 10

A woman with her cat at the veterinary clinic









Animals and Animal Care:

People in the growing middle class love to spend their money on things that they enjoy.

In the western world this often include our pets.

If you can create services such as:

  • dog walking
  • bespoke pet clothing
  • natural remedies for pets
  • breeding rare-breeds of dogs

..that will help pet owners improve the quality of life for themselves and their pets, this could prove to be a very lucrative endeavour for you.

This pet driven marketplace is full of hyper responsive people who are irrationally passionate about their pets and consumers in this market aren’t afraid to spend money on pet-based products or services.


That’s it!


Action Steps:

Action Plan Copy Space with Pencil And Blank Notepad Page for Text.









If reading the above post has helped you to identify an industry/opportunity that you could build a small home business around, take the following steps before you even think about the products or services that you could create yet.

Become a student of the industry first.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  1. Why do I feel a connection with this industry opportunity?
  2. What do I feel I could ultimately contribute to people in this marketplace?
  3. Where could I go on and offline to find out more about this industry?
  4. Who do I know now that works within this industry/subject area who could give me some insider tips?


Let’s say that you had in interest in creating a business surrounding the coaching industry and your expertise was improving employee retention.

You might think that you could create workshops that you could sell to large corporate companies to teach them how to improve staff retention.

Sounds like a great idea.

But the successful execution of this idea will be proportional to the amount of research you do about this industry before you even consider launching your product or service.


Research could involve:

  • Subscribing to relevant trade journals
  • Interviewing/surveying HR managers
  • attending trade shows
  • ..etc

The point I’m trying to make here is that one of the main reasons that businesses go out of business, soon after launching, isn’t necessarily to do with defective products, poor cash flow management or a lack of sales.

The most common reason is because of a….

Poor understanding of the marketplace!

If you can know your market well, you’ll be well ahead of your competition!

Don’t be another statistic – do plenty of research first.

I hope you got some value from this post.

Solo Ads – The Piggyback Profit Formula

solo adsSolo ads are the fastest way for a home business owner to find a predictable source of new customers.

80% of new small businesses aren’t around in 2 years after launching because they struggle to find a regular source of new customers that stick around.

If you do not have a large list of prospective customers, all is not lost. I’m going to show you how to find new customers, on a predictable basis, by using other people’s lists.

So, as you read this post…

You Are About To Discover:

  • How to utilise the ‘piggy back technique’ to find hundreds of new customers without having to take the risk using unfamiliar marketing channels to find interested prospects
  • How to hypnotically lead your prospects to eagerly anticipate what you have to say next about your products
  • How to structure your email communities to triple sales conversions
  • What you have to know about your prospects self-esteem to trigger buying behaviour

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Newspaper Advertising Strategy

newspaper advertisingNewspaper advertising isn’t dead.

It’s true.

Social media has become a modern day phenomenon.

The ability to have access to prospective customers and their networks enables the home business owner to get direct access to their ideal customers, in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Here’s the problem.

People who spend time on social media sites do so, primarily, to socialise.

Numerous tests have shown that leads from social media don’t convert into paying customers as well as off-line media leads such as direct mail and print advertising.

I’ve already covered direct mail previously, so in this post I have decided to de-mystify the ‘dark art of newspaper advertising’.

I am about to give you a strategy and the exact funnel that me and my team have been using for years, that you can copy and apply to your business to acquire new hyper-responsive customers in any niche of your choice.

As you read this post…

You Are About To Discover:

  • 3 headline templates that convert prospects to customers – like clockwork
  • How to use NLP to get your prospects to eagerly anticipate receiving your messages
  • How to slash advertising rate-card prices by 50%+
  • How to use storytelling to increase the desire for your products and services

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Home Business Success Principles


home business successHome business success is more about the mindset of the entrepreneur in question than it is about sales and marketing techniques use by the business.

Starting a home business without the right mindset(s) is one of reasons that 80% of home businesses aren’t around after 2 years of launching.

So, now that we covered some of the key psychological principles that you need to think about when building your home business, it is time to start thinking about the best way to apply this theory to your home business in the most practical way possible.


You need to be aware of the following formula if you’re going to build a successful home business:

Knowledge+Mindset+Application(Tactics/Strategies) = Results

So, as you read this post…

You Are About To Discover:

  • Why you need to appeal to a person’s self obsessed nature to generate rapport 10x faster
  • How to avoid wasting money on advertising that is destined to fail
  • The ‘real’ reason people love to buy
  • How to grow your business by testing and scaling
  • Why trying to build a brand will probably leave you broke
  • How the old fashioned concept of ‘courting’ can triple your sales

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Impulse Buying Triggers To Boost Customer Confidence

impulse buyingWould you like to stimulate impulse buying in the minds of you prospects?

In this post I am going to show you how to sell more products and services by understanding the thought processes of your prospect’s, better.

As you read this you are going to discover:

  • What you need to know about your prospect’s internal ‘wiring’ to encourage impulsive buying
  • Why ‘logic’ is your business’s worst enemy
  • What you need to do to overcome confusion in the mind of your prospects/customers to increase profits
  • How to create value statement to increase desire
  • Why you need to apply the ‘Loaded Libra’ technique to making buying your products the obvious choice to make

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